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We are the UK’s leading small business productivity experts

Since 2017, Be the Business has had a single mission: to help small business leaders improve the performance of their business through greater productivity.

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Productivity powers everything

The UK’s productivity – the pulse that powers economic growth and prosperity – has flatlined since 2008. 

For the average UK worker, that means their annual wage is £11,000 per year lower than it would be if earlier levels of productivity had been maintained. 

The effects of this long-standing poor performance are everywhere. 

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Supporting the 99.9%

Small business leaders have a vital role to play in improving the UK’s economy. 

Small businesses make up 99.9% of the UK’s 5.6 million businesses and employ two-thirds of those working today. 

The transformative potential of making even modest improvements to SME productivity is real: 

If every employing small business leader found and maintained an annual 1% improvement over a five-year period, this would add £94 billion to the UK economy. 

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Productivity is our passion

Since 2017, we’ve worked with small business leaders, the UK’s most successful businesses, the business support ecosystem and government to put productivity at the top of the business agenda.  

Our Manifesto outlines five policies to improve small business productivity and drive growth for all.  

Small changes make a big difference

Our Impact

Our work in action

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