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Inspiring Leaders programme

Turn your aspiring leaders into inspiring leaders

We offer a uniquely rewarding leadership skills development programme, that will inspire, grow and progress your key talent.

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Nurturing the leaders of the future

What is the Inspiring Leaders programme?

The Inspiring Leaders programme is a leadership and skills development programme for corporate talent.

Based on our tried-and-tested Advisory Boards programme, the programme will place your employees on business non-executive director-style board with the aim of supporting a small business leader.

How long does the programme last?

The programme will last for 12 months, with your employees committing no more than 2.5 hours per month.

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Building confident leaders

Three steps to inspire, grow & progress your employees

Your employees will benefit from

Find out more

Email us to find out more about how the Inspiring Leaders programme can support your key talent in developing their leadership skills.

What our volunteers say

“The rewards are brilliant, quite frankly, and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable activity to be involved in.” 

Pete Boddy, Head of Engineering, Air Service, at BAE Systems

“I have this desire to help companies be successful, by getting close to the real business problems.” 

Bhavna Saraf, Head of Trade product at Lloyds Banking Group

“I get a kick out of learning about what these amazing companies are doing, and how innovative they are.” 

Lori Vokes – Director M&A at Neom 

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