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AI-Powered Potential: Unlocking SME Productivity with AI

The potential impact of AI at a macroeconomic level is extraordinary, but what are the current attitudes of small business leaders? This report from Be the Business found four key themes.
The cover of the AI-Powered Potential report shown on a tablet, being held between two hands.

Technology adoption is a known driver of greater productivity. AI is now a central part of that technology adoption and, as such, has quickly become a crucial determinant of productivity. 

Previous research by Google and Microsoft has highlighted the incredible impact of AI on business productivity. However, Be the Business wanted to understand how AI is being used by business leaders currently, as well as any barriers and incentives. 

Data reveals that, while the AI revolution is already underway, there are notable discrepancies in AI use between business size and age of business leaders. There is also huge economic risk, with significant numbers of business leaders who do not see AI as relevant.  

Considering the findings, the recommendations build on a key policy ask in the inaugural Be the Business Manifesto and offer clarity on the next steps to drive an AI revolution within the SME community. 


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