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Be the Business Mentoring Resources

This page holds the resources and useful links that you will need for your Mentoring experience. Bookmark this page now for easy access throughout the programme.

From helpful templates to informative guides to insightful podcasts, we've got a range of support material to make sure your mentoring relationship gets off to the best start and then flourishes.

If you need to contact us for any reason you can email us at and we will be happy to assist you.


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Mentoring plan

From first steps to concluding a relationship, everything you need to know


Getting started as a mentor

Getting started as a mentee

Establishing your relationship with your mentor

Establishing your relationship with your mentee

Your mentoring relationship – the first meeting


Setting your goals – download now

Use this template to draft a clear set of goals that you can work alongside your mentor to achieve. It also serves as a guide for your conversation and to record your agreed upon goals in your connection plan.

Mentoring contract for success – download now

Set the aims and expectations of your mentoring experience, as well as establishing processes.

Bizesized learning – Leadership

How to support my team’s development

How to support my team with identifying development needs

How to maintain a positive approach in your team when dealing with problems

How to build self-awareness as a leader

How to build and maintain effective relationships

How can I make sure I understand others

The importance of resilience

The importance of culture

The art of successful delegation

Strategies, tactics, and behaviours for achieving agreement: A beginner’s guide

Leading virtual and physical teams together

Employee engagement

Doing more with less – Making the most of your resources

Creating and maintaining powerful networks

Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable

Bitesized learning – Mentoring

How to listen actively

Endings – Bringing mentoring relationships to a close

Contracting the mentoring relationship

What if the relationship is not working?

The power of great questions

How to really listen to someone – Generative attention

Goal setting

Expanding horizons

Building trust and rapport

Challenging assumptions and beliefs

Using an appreciative inquiry

Mentor toolkit

An introduction to the Mentor Development Toolkit

Module 1: Mentor self-assessment and diagnostic guide

Module 2: Personal development planning

Module 3: Mentor reflection guide

Module 4: Mentor career development guide

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